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I wouldn’t mind if I could just ask a question and get a reply….
UPDATE – I strolled in to a 3 store, asked “Do you sell the MiFi?”, and was told “Yes”. I bought one and was back on my way within five minutes – the way it should be!
I want to get a 3 MiFi so I can get on the Internet for a semi-sane price (Orange charge a small fortune, and their 3G service rarely works on my phone, if I can actually get 3G that is) whilst I’m not at home. I choose the product on 3’s website and click ‘Support Chat’ to see if I can buy it in-store. Y’know, where you walk in to a store and buy something, and have the gratification of an instant purchase, as well as the product when you need it.
Here’s our conversation…
[Peter] Can I buy the MiFi PAYG + 3Gb product in-store?
[Srinivas] Hi Peter.
[Srinivas] Welcome to Three.
[Srinivas] I’ll be glad to help you with the purchase of the deal query and thank you for choosing Three.
(this is not answering my question)
[Srinivas] I would not be able to comment on the store deals.
[Srinivas] I can help you purchase this deal online with a free gift for today’s online purchase.
(purchasing things on-line is beyond me, I find it reeeeally difficult)
[Peter] I need it today
[Srinivas] I’m sorry if y ou order now , you would get the delivery the day after tomorrow.
(this it not ‘today’)
[Peter] OK, I will find my nearest 3 store and ask in there
[Srinivas] So would you like to go ahead with the order online?
[Peter] NO! I need it today!
[Peter] If I order online, I will have a free gift that I don’t want, and will have no means of Internet access for the next four days when I am away
[Srinivas] You can check at the store .
(Great, I can check in-store to see if they sell something in-store. Who’d have thought?)
[Peter] I was hoping I could check with you now to save me a wasted trip in to town.
[Peter] Thank you for your help – I will put some clothes on and find my nearest 3 store and ask in there instead.
(I am fully-clothed actually, I just wanted to vent some frustration)
[Peter] Have a good day, and thank you for your time
[Srinivas] Click on this link to find the nearest store.
[Srinivas] Anything else I can help you with?
[Peter] No, that is all – thank you
…so I’ve wasted 10 minutes chatting to him just to find myself in a situation no better than before.

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