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I’ve had a rethink about source code hosting. CVS is dead in the water, Subversion requires online connectivity, and I’m starting to use git with vigour. Hey, offline commits are perfect for coding on the train! (As an aside, I gave up trying to get WiFi access on a train to Leicester on Saturday, and didn’t even bother trying on Sunday coming back). Github is where it’s at – although despite today being World IPv6 Day, they don’t appear to have access over IPv6 natively.
The code for TSDB Explorer is up and out there and being actively worked on, as is TubeHorus, which is in a lesser working state. I anticipate getting around to putting TransportHacker‘s code on Github in the next week or so.
On another note, I’d like to thank the people at Network Rail who’ve been so helpful in talking to me about some of the data sets they hold. Whilst I’m not in a position to let the cat out of the bag yet, I am pretty excited about what’s coming in the next few weeks. Time to investigate Amazon EC2 I think… this may take some horsepower.

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