The HP ProLiant MicroServer

I bought a couple of HP ProLiant MicroServers this week. They arrived on Friday, along with two Remote Access cards and four 4Gb sticks of memory from Crucial.
I can honestly say that I’m impressed. HP are offering £100 cashback on these servers until 31st August, £238 from, so really £138. For that, you get a 250Gb SATA disk, a rather lean 1.3GHz AMD Neo processor, in a small box that can easily be tucked in the corner somewhere. Add the Remote Access Card, and you have a headless server – admittedly it requires a bit of fiddling to set up, but I have plenty of server-side experience.
The machine has four slots for SATA disks, and installing them is straightforward. Bolts and a Torx wrench
PXE booting both boxes was no trouble, and they both have Ubuntu 11.04 running on them without issue.
Specs are here.

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