Installing WebSphere MQ 7.5 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS

An item on my mental To Do list for some time has been getting WebSphere MQ installed on Ubuntu. I don’t use it in a production environment, therefore an IBM PartnerWorld Software Access agreement gets me the software for a year, and a virtual machine with Ubuntu circumvents the need to buy Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
With many things I do that could potentially turn out complicated or non-trivial, I document the entire process. I’m assuming you’re running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu 12.04LTS at this point, and that you’ve also read Quick Beginnings for Linux on IBM’s site.
First, install the ‘rpm’, ‘pax’ and ‘default-jre’ packages. IBM distribute MQ as a set of RPMs, and I decided to install these rather than rebuild them as .deb files.
Next, create /etc/sysctl.d/50-webspheremq.conf with the following:
kernel.sem=500 256000 250 1024

Make these changes live by running sudo sysctl -p.
Run sudo ./, read and agree to the licence.
‘crtmqpmg’ expects to find ‘pax’ in /usr/bin, so create symbolic link to ‘pax’ by running sudo ln -s /bin/pax /usr/bin/pax, then create /usr/lib64 using sudo mkdir /usr/lib64 as the installation process will want to write files in there.
Create a set of MQ packages by running ./crtmqpkg $ID, where $ID is an installation identifier, such as ‘dev’ or ‘prod’. This may take some time. When it’s finished, change to /var/tmp/mq_rpms/$ARCH and install the following RPMs using the command sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian:

  • MQSeriesRunTime
  • MQSeriesServer
  • MQSeriesSDK
  • MQSeriesClient
  • MQSeriesJava
  • MQSeriesSamples
  • MQSeriesGSKit
  • MQSeriesMan

Set this MQ installation as default using sudo /opt/mqm/bin/setmqinst -i -p /opt/mqm, then run dspmqver to verify the installation is correct.
Finally, add your user in to the ‘mqm’ group by running sudo addgroup $USER mqm. Log out and log in for these changes to take effect.

One thought on “Installing WebSphere MQ 7.5 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS”

  1. Hi
    I have followed steps and still can end with the installation MQ:
    The error that I have is:
    monica@monica-Inspiron-N4010:/var/tmp/mq_rpms/LOC1/x86_64$ rpm -ivh –nodeps –force-debian MQSeriesRuntime-*.rpm
    error: no es posible crear el bloqueo transacción sobre /home/monica/.rpmdb/.rpm.lock (Permiso denegado)
    monica@monica-Inspiron-N4010:/var/tmp/mq_rpms/LOC1/x86_64$ sudo rpm -ivh –nodeps –force-debian MQSeriesRuntime*.rpm
    [sudo] password for monica:
    aviso: el paquete MQSeriesRuntime_LOC1-7.5.0-3.x86_64 ya fue añadido, omitiendo MQSeriesRuntime_LOC1-7.5.0-3.x86_64
    Preparando… ################################# [100%]
    ERROR: Specified path is not empty
    error: %pre(MQSeriesRuntime_LOC1-7.5.0-3.x86_64): macro de ejecución de guión fallido, estado de terminación 1
    error: MQSeriesRuntime_LOC1-7.5.0-3.x86_64: instalar falló
    Can you help me?
    I have Ubuntu 14 to 64 bits

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