Microsoft Defender and macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura has been released. I use my Mac Mini far less than I do my MacBook Pro, so I decided to upgrade without a fresh install, something I very rarely do.

Surprisingly, the only casualty of the upgrade was Microsoft Defender, which came up with a warning triangle and a suggestion I click ‘Fix’, bringing up the Full Disk Access page of System Preferences to do… well, something.

The error message in Defender wasn’t helpful, and I wondered if it was bringing up the Full Disk Access pane instead of another pane. mdatp health to the rescue, which reported “Full disk access has not been granted”, so I knew I was on the right track.

The fix was really simple – click on Microsoft Defender in the preferences pane and click the minus button, then repeat this for Microsoft Defender Security Extension. After a second or two, an entry for Microsoft Defender will reappear, and should have full disk access toggled on if it hasn’t already.

For some reason, the second time I did this, the Security Extension didn’t appear, but if it does for you, toggle that on.