On The Buses

TfL’s Countdown system for London Buses was a leap forward several years ago. I can now walk up to a bus stop and tell – with reasonable accuracy – how long before my bus arrives.
There is one problem with this – I have to be at the bus stop!
When National Rail introduced Live Departure Boards several years ago, it was a giant leap forward for rail travellers. TfL brought in Live Departure Boards for the Underground some years later, although this is less useful.
Wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic to have a map of a bus route with the positions of the buses on it? Colour the map in with a deeper shade where the route is more congested, and let people have a visual representation of how long it’s likely to take for their bus to arrive. Before you leave home, have a look to see where the delays are on your route in to work, and re-plan your journey if it’s going to take too long.

Adventures in City Hall

I was lucky enough to find out about an event hosted by the GLAFree London’s Data. This took place nine floors above ground in City Hall with some spectacular views of London. The camera in my HTC Hero isn’t terribly good, and I didn’t bother taking any pictures.
I have several pages of notes and comments which I’ll type up over the next few days.