Getting fitter

A month and a half ago, a friend of mine went to an absolute beginners fencing class. Having done next to no regular exercise other than walking to and from the tube, four hours of activity did me in and my thighs and legs ached for the next two days. Despite the physical symptoms, I was ready for more and signed myself up for a six week course which ended yesterday. I’ve had several lessons of private tuition too – it’s great fun, hard work, but I don’t notice the physical activity so much as the technique and tactics.
In conjunction, and to get rid of the “IT Thighs” that I’ve developed after over a decade of running technology, I’ve taken up cycling. This is a great activity which is a lot faster than the bus, and exercises muscles I never before believed I had – which include my awareness of the back-streets of London.
My goal for both of these is to shape up, tone up and attain thighs of steel. If I can lose two stone, I’ll be over the moon 🙂

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