Invoking Shibboleet

I’ve just come off the phone to my bank – First Direct – having asked them about a problem viewing previous months bank statements. It just doesn’t work and tells me “No statements have been produced for this account”. This is highly likely to be an account-specific of server-side problem.
Upon being asked what operating system I’m using (Ubuntu 10.10), which browser I have (Firefox 3.6.11) and who my ISP is (Andrews & Arnold), I am talked through deleting all my cookies and the browser cache, shutting down the browser, starting it again and logging in.
Hey presto, the problem has been summarily worked around since I’ve been load-balanced to a completely different server on First Direct’s network as I can clearly see from the URL bar.
I was precariously close to uttering “Shibboleet” when asked who my ISP was.

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