Seven days of 3

A little over a week ago, feeling horribly overcharged and dissatisfied with Orange, I terminated my contract and moved over to 3.
The process was incredibly smooth. I ordered a 3 SIM, which arrived the next day along with a free PAYG SIM. Orange sent me my PAC. I called 3, gave them my PAC – but had the usual overjoyed offshore callcentre guy thank me far too much for moving – and two days later, my number moved.
I have had one problem with data in the last week, and I was in a low-signal area and had to restart my phone. I could get a 3G signal when in the middle of nowhere in Kent yesterday, and browsing when in London is really very quick and responsive.
I made a good choice, and it’s £30/month cheaper than Orange.
I am on a train at the moment, updating my blog using my 3 PAYG data connection, which is equally fast and a very usable tool for when I’m out and about.
3, you’ve made me happy.

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